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Kherson #1

Going to Kherson was quite an experience; if you've followed the progress of the war, then you've heard a lot about this place. Russian forces were evicted about a year ago from a large swath of land around Kherson, but they're now just a few miles away across the Dnipro River. They regularly shell the city for no other purpose other than to simply try to terrify civilians. 
There were numerous checkpoints approaching the city, and we got a thorough questioning at each one. With body armor on, we drove through the city and met up with Ivan Tserkan, who is one of those guys who seems to know everyone in town. He's a great contact in the Kherson volunteer community, and we were happy to do our first drop at his place.
If you're outside for any amount of time, eventually you'll hear the dull thud of outgoing Ukrainian artillery as they exchange shells with the Russians across the river. 
Along with food and hygiene products, we delivered dozens of rechargeable LED strip lights, for use by people during power outages. These can be a real lifesaver for people who couldn't otherwise afford them.
Ukraine has recently established a bridgehead on the other side of the river, and if they can hold it and expand, it could mean some serious headaches for the Ruzzians.

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