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On our way to a drop in Sviatohorsk, we came across the second no-longer-intact bridge of our travels.  Google Maps is apparently unaware that it was destroyed by the Russians last fall.  When we stopped to look at the bridge, we heard an ominous sound overhead.  Looking up, there was a drone immediately above us, definitely NOT what one wants to see in Ukraine!  It was likely a Ukrainian drone, but the odd thing is, there wasn't a living soul in site.  When we looked around us at the town of Bohorodychne, virtually every single building was destroyed.  It was one of the most completely devastated areas we've seen in all our travels, I can just imagine the ferocity of the fighting that went on here.  About 1.5 hours later, as we were getting ready to leave the town after walking around to photograph the destruction, there was a loud BOOM on the other side of the valley - a Russian missile hitting.  We could see the smoke trail where the missile landed (photo of it below). As with many of their strikes, there was nothing of value in the area, and we're not even sure if struck anything other than the ground.  Still, it was a reminder that we weren't all that far from the front.

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