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We've done several drops to help out these dedicated people, who operate just across the Dnieper River from Russian-occupied lands.  As you drive from Dnipro to Nikopol, off to the left is a clear view of the Zaporizhzha nuclear power plant, currently under Russian control. It's a bit surreal to think that Russian soldiers, artillery, etc. are stationed right there, and at any time could lob an artillery shell our way.  

Roman, his wife, and their dedicated volunteers put on a community dinner several times a week to bring refugees together and give them a sense of community.  We're glad to help them out with food, utensils, plates, cooking pots and pans, and all the fixin's.  

They also put on a fun day for the kids in the area, with games and a meal with treats. They're typical of countless unselfish Ukrainians we've met in our travels, who put others before themselves to help their country get through these trying times.

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