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We're wrapping up trip #6!

We can't thank our donors enough for really coming on strong as our departure approached. Thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to stay busy on the ground here in Ukraine. When you have time, please take a look at the photos and videos from the trip at

As on other trips here, we've met so many amazing people here who are working so hard to help the most vulnerable get through this awful, trying time. Whether it's the multinational vounteer team at the Hope Foundation's refugee center in Przemysl, Poland (at the border), or the volunteers who helped us navigate treacherous country roads during icy, freezing weather to distribute aid in remote villages shattered by wartime destruction; there are so many people all pulling in the same direction, willing to help each other fulfill their respective missions.

Below is a video showing the destruction in the town of Dovhen'ke, where we essentially did door-to-door deliveries to the people hardy enough to try to make a go of it. There are no stores left in their town, and the roads are in really rough shape these days.

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