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We're on the ground in Ukraine through October,
our longest humanitarian aid trip ever!
Join our cause and make a positive DIRECT impact in Ukraine.

"With your ongoing support, there is no limit
to the good we can do on the ground in Ukraine"


Click to view photos from this trip
Read more here for updated info on the trip


 And Thank You from Ukraine!! 

Is your group or religious organization interested in hosting an informative talk by
NH4Ukraine, with photos, videos and stories from our travels in Ukraine?

If so, contact us today!

Why donate to

  • Unlike many larger organizations, we have virtually no overhead costs. We pay our way to Ukraine and while on the ground there. Everyone involved is a volunteer.

  • We source almost everything from within Ukraine, which injects your funds directly into the Ukrainian economy.

  • We assure delivery of the aid we purchase, usually by personally delivering it. Every bit of it gets to the people who need it most, delivering a big psychological boost; many of the people we deliver to have never met an American, and are thrilled to find out how much Americans care!

  • Through our daily updates when on the road, you'll see exactly how donated money is being spent.

  • We have a proven track record of efficiently delivering aid to exactly where it's needed.

A sample of the pics from our December 2023 trip;
to see more, click here

As in prior trips, our December 2023 trip focused primarily on supplying refugee centers and residents in the recently liberated areas in the eastern part of the country. The Ukrainian military has heroically reclaimed thousands of square miles from the “Orcs” (their preferred term for the Russian invaders); however, as the Russian forces are pushed out of these areas, they often destroy much of the infrastructure. The need for food and essential supplies is especially dire in these areas.

We need YOUR HELP to get it there!

To see photos & videos from our 6th trip in December, click here
Where did we go in Ukraine on our most recent trip in May?  click here
Map of Trip #6 Deliveries.JPG

Driving through Topol's'ke, Ukraine on 12.10.23

Where do we deliver nowadays?

Metro cart photo with US flag_edited.jpg

Ready to load the van for another delivery in Ukraine

Buying bulk goods in Ukraine, at wholesale prices

IMG_2779  Drohobych refugee center with logos.jpg

Wrapping up another delivery in Ukraine with new friends

Copy of donate2 (4).jpeg has partnered with, a California-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit to provide aid directly to Ukrainian residents & refugees. Your tax-deductible donation will go to feeding and clothing a family, supplying medicine to a patient, and generally supporting those affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

A message we received from a Ukrainian combat medic after he received some of the trauma supplies we brought from the U.S. with us, generously donated by two trauma docs here in Bedford.

"Thank you so much.
We really appreciate
your help and support.
Glory to Ukraine."

Let's help the Ukrainian people get through this terrible ordeal!
Why help Ukraine?  See video below...

Interested in keeping up with events in Ukraine?

For a real-time map showing progress on the battlefield:

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