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Volokhiv Yar

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we LOVE these people! Ilya (the school administrator) and his wife the school music teacher) work tirelessly to provide the best education they possibly can for the kids in the village, despite the looting and destruction of their school by Russian forces during the occupation. Previously, we had provided them with a laser printer, cases of paper, notebooks, pencils, etc. for their students, as well as a new Yamaha keyboard so they can resume music lessons. We also delivered a loudspeaker with 2 remote microphones, to enable them to hold school ceremonies and events for the kids. 
This time, in addition to more school supplies, we delivered enough candy, treats and juices to enable them to provide a fun Christmas party for all 53 kids who have returned to the village. These poor kids have lived through things that no kid should ever have to experience, so thank you to all our donors who have enabled us to bring some sunshine to their Christmas celebrations!

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