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Helping Ukrainian Soldiers

While our mission is centered around providing humanitarian aid to civilians impacted by the war, we've gotten to know a few units of incredible Ukrainian patriots who are enduring horrific combat scenarios that we can't begin to imagine. We've been fortunate in that we’ve had several generous donors who chose to provide us with needed supplies which we’re happy to deliver to troops fighting on the front lines (we don't venture to the 'zero line', mind you; we pass it along to them when they're rotated off the line in a much safer place...)
In 3 extra large suitcases, we brought 500 pairs of handwarmers (the type you might use for warming your hands when skiing, etc.), 500 pairs of toewarmers, 4,000 ibuprofen &
 4,000 acetaminophen tablets, and miscellaneous specialty burn dressings donated by a trauma doc.
In addition, we received a
generous donation of 150 military-grade American-made tourniquets from the American College of Surgeons. As morbid as it may sound, these are among the most-requested items by soldiers, and will undoubtedly save lives on the front.

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